Skull Jewelry: A Popular Trend In Fashion

Tokebi Skulls and Skull Jewelry

One may notice many people are fascinated by skull designs in jewelry, arts, and apparel, among other merchandise in today’s society. Besides being one of the most ancient and formidable ideograms, now it has become a popular fashion trend as well. Though for many years skull designs and jewelry have predominantly been considered a symbol of masculinity, until now.

But if it is analyzed in deep why people wear skull-fashioned jewelry, you would find two groups of people, one who embraces this as a medium for obtaining good luck or fortune. On the other hand, there are others whose association with skull-fashioned jewelry is found to be rested in deep beyond the reach of common supposition.

You’ll probably notice that in today’s society, a lot of individuals are intrigued by jewelry with skull designs. In addition to being one of the oldest and most powerful ideograms, it is currently a well-liked fashion trend. Despite the fact that for a long time, skull jewelry was primarily associated with men.

There are two groups of people that wear skull-shaped jewelry, though, one of whom views it as a means of attracting luck or prosperity and the other. On the other hand, there are some whose connection to jewelry in the shape of skulls is discovered to be deeply rooted outside the realm of popular belief.

A Brief History Of Wearing Skull Jewelries:

During the reign of Elizabeth I, people who were associated with the underground world were known to have worn rings featuring a skull without the jaw. From that very time until now, Skull Jewelry is considered a significant symbol associated with one’s bravery in the face of mountable adversity.

Thus somehow it helps to promote notable confidence among men who are engaged with adventure or who love to live a tough life. It is why skull-fashioned jewelry is much popular among the members of the motorcycle gang. Apart from this due to its legacy, skull-fashioned jewelry is also embraced by certain clubs for their members, especially claiming its likeliness to heavy metal or rock music.

Regarding The Available Varieties Of Skull Designs and their meaning:

It is no doubt that people get attracted to skull jewelry due to its appeal and on the other hand it is a piece of fantastic craftsmanship. Generally, it has been made of stainless steel but there are people who also found purchase a piece made of gold or silver in order to satisfy their expensive taste.

Though with its growing demand the manufacturers are designing a wide range of varieties of jewelry featuring a skull and sometimes they are found quite costly in the market. There are many online platforms that deal especially in the jewelry made of stainless steel and you would find there a great stock of skull-fashioned designs at a quite affordable price. Skull Jewelry is available in the market in a wide range of varieties in different forms and men and women both are found to use this.

There you would find mainly six types of skull-fashioned jewelry and those are as follows.

  • When the skull is found associated with crossbones it symbolizes danger.
  • Skull with crossbones constitutes the beginning of mankind.
  • When the skull is crafted along with butterflies it represents the cycle of nature.
  • Snakes and skulls together signify immortality.
  • Skull having wings is associated with freedom.
  • Skull with bows is a recent phenomenon that appeared as a popular fashion especially among women as it portrays the prowess of feminity.

Source by Jack Henry