Tokebi Skull Artist


Bernal Aguilar (1981), popularly known as Tokebi, is a internationally renowned illustrator, artist, and university professor, best recognized for his skull art, vivid neon colors, and kitsch aesthetics.
Tokebi is part of the new “Memento Mori” artistic movement, acting as a reminder of the invevitability of death, to enjoy our life, to love, and live with intensity because our time on Earth has a limit.
Tokebi gained notoriety when he was living in Korea and got the attention of the local media when he was found selling his skull art on the streets of Seoul, and designing merchandise for local bands and founding a local artistic collaborative exhibition. En 2019 Tokebi went viral after Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Mastodon, personally selected him to design a unique skull art piece for the band’s 2019 European tour. Tokebi’s aesthetics include science fiction and cyberpunk themes, with a retro psychedelic neon color palette. His skull art usually tells the adventures of a mystical alien race of psychedelic skulls, mixing spirituality with folklore with the aforementioned themes. 
Tokebi is regarded as one of the representatives of the Guatemalan lowbrow movement, and an NFT advocate internationally. 

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TOKEBI, LLC or TOKEBI INDUSTRIES is an independent clothing brand owned and operated by Tokebi himself and his lovely wife Silvia with their two dog sons, Momo and Rocco, currently living in Guatemala with our store and products made the U.S, and shipped worldwide from our warehouse in Charlotte, California.  

Aside from our love for skull art, something that we really like is traveling. We truly believe in “Traveling is living”. Our experiences around the world are represented in our brand.  

We’re a cyber-apothecary in the middle of our galaxy, providing the necessary goods to any skull traveler. We offer potions with ancient, mystical, or far away ingredients, treacherous talismans, and lucky charms from extinct civilizations, mixed with cyberpunk technology. 

Our theme is retro-futuristic alien skulls traveling the galaxy and in time, searching for adventures. Our Skull art is designed to feel vintage but with sci-fi and cyberpunk aesthetics, inspired by the 60s psychedelia, retro sci-fi movies, and our ancient cultures, their traditions, and mythology. 

Each of our skull designs tells a story of these alien skulls and their exploits across the galaxy and on our planet Earth, where they enjoy their time the most.

Get yourself a unique piece of “wearable art” and support independent brands by getting a skull product with us. Thank you!


For commercial inquiries, problems with your order, or artistic collaborations please email us at 📧 info[at]