Tokebi NFT Collections

Tokebi is also popular among the NFT community, not only as a digital artist, also as an educator and NFT advocate. Tokebi has been featured in several NFT market places such as, Refinable App, Orica Marketplace, Fimi Marketplace, among others, working with several blockchains and projects.

Current NFT projects

Tokebi Skull Artist Skulls NFT Collection

Tokebi Personal NFT Collection

A collection of psychedelic skulls created by Tokebi the skull artist himself. Each NFT is a unique piece celebrating the adventures of the psychedelic alien skull race created by Tokebi.

Tokebi Skull Artist Baby Skulls NFT Collection

Baby Skulls NFT Collection

Stored at the Ethereum Blockchain, Baby Skulls is a NFT collection of over 999 cute or kawaii skulls with very adorable rarity traits like hats, bodies, accessories, wings, tails, halos, and backgrounds. Baby Skulls are inspired in the Japanese Kawaii subculture, and Mexican sugar skulls.

Tokebi Artist Skulls Pschedelic NFT Collection

The Skulloids NFT Collection

A collection of 10,000 skull nfts stored at the Polygon Blockchain and using the Pixuverse Ecosystem as our blockchain support provider. The Skulloids is a tribute to the cyberpunk subgenre and its derivatives, and my love to sci-fi and skulls.


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