Skull T-Shirt of the month subscription!

Get a MYSTERY SKULL T-SHIRT each month!

Do you like retro science fiction themes and skulls? Can’t decide which skull shirt you want? Get a subscription and get a new one each month! Get a new Tokebi skull design each month with our Skull T-Shirt of the Month Subscription service. Each of the skull art in this collection is created specifically for our subscription service. You won’t find it anywhere else.  Also, we include a free sticker in each shipment!

  • Each skull design invokes nostalgia, carefully designed to create a retro style mixed with sci-fi themes.
  • Each of our skull designs is made by Tokebi and created only for this collection. Unique wearable art.
  • Artist-owned & operated.
  • You can cancel at any time.
  • You still can get skull t-shirts from previous months outside of our subscription service but without our subscription discount (25% value).
  • Subscriptions can’t be combined with other sales, deals, shipping rates, or promotions.

skull t-shirt subscription - Tokebi Artist

$22.50 / month


product FAQ:

All of our skull apparel is made with the highest of quality. Please consider the images in our clothing may look a little bit opaque compared to the images being displayed. Product proudly from the U.S.


Our skull products are made when an order is received. Please allow 5-6 days for printing. You'll get an email letting you know when your package is on its way.

We ship worldwide, with tracking number available. We have printing facilities in The U.S, Europe and Australia for fast shipping and convenience. Orders shipped within the United States or/and Europe tend to take 5 days top to arrive, while other countries may take 7-15 days.

***Please be aware that your country may have additional VAT (if you're in Europe), import, and customs fees. We've no control over these fees and don’t have info on how fees work in each country.