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Gothic Vampire Tattoos, a new skull design trend

If you love skulls, you gotta love vampires. Everybody knows what’s a vampire. Each culture has its own “bloodsucker” but the most common version is a creature from folklore, usually a handsome horny pale human that loves the night, to party, and can’t get under the sun, and their vital food is blood. Nowadays the “Vampire” culture is attached to the new city sub-cultures called “gothic” or the goth sub-culture. These are individuals that love wearing black, and barely go out in the sun, and their music and aesthetics are similar in feeling and in context.  Vampires as well as skull art, have been symbols of revelry and defiance in today’s culture.

Thanks to movies and recent history, vampires, same as skulls, have acquired a more “anarchist” fashion, mostly because the area where the vampire legends started now are old poor ex-soviet countries. If you like vampires or gothic culture you can use skull rings, black skull t-shirts, boots, and other accessories. Vampire designs are very common, no one necessarily needs to tattoo a vampire or vampire accessories or innuendo to feel like a vampire, you can change your own culture and become one!  the symbolism behind their accessories can work as well, such as skull designs, fangs, fanged bats, vampire skulls, or bite marks with blood. A vampire emerging from a mirror is a different intriguing design. A female vampire design is another option. These patterns resemble gothic renditions of pin-up tattoos. The only interesting-looking female vampire you can draw is a Victorian lady with dark rings around her eyes and claws on her fingers. The second female vampire you can get tattooed is a pale-faced woman with blood dripping from her lips. Some of the unusual traits of the vampire can be related to. The Eastern European story served as the inspiration for this meaning. These tales served as an explanation for the illnesses that one family member brought into the group. The tattoos of vampire symbols were applied to the afflicted person’s body for this reason. However, today’s culture views vampire tattoos as a good symbol of the thirst for knowledge and immortality. Tattoos of vampires have also been referred to as sexual and enigmatic emblems.

Remember vampire fashion also applies to apparel.  I hope, that this article has changed your views about vampire tattoos!

Source by Julie William Jones